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Subterrograph is a dual pedal, combining the Subterranea pitch-tracking multi-octave oscillator with the Xerograph Deluxe 4-pole resonant lowpass filter, to form a full monophonic subtractive synthesizer you play with your bass or guitar.

Subterrograph has all the sounds and features of the two individual pedals, which were designed specifically to be paired with each other, together in a convenient package.

Each side has its own separate true bypass switching and input and output jacks, allowing you to place other pedals between them, and use either pedal on its own. The output of the Subterranea is normalled to the input of the Xerograph Deluxe using switching jacks, simplifying your cabling when running one straight into the other. The stomp switches on the Xerograph Deluxe side have been flipped to place both Bypass switches next to each other, making it easy to turn them on and off together or separately.

The Subterranea was released in 2013 and has been out of production for years. Back by popular demand, the original circuit is faithfully reproduced in this dual pedal. It tracks the notes you play and generates 3 synth-style voices: a beefy low Octave with variable harmonics (Timbre knob), and a unison-pitched synth voice (UniSynth) and octave-down synth voice (OctoSynth), each with independently selectable waveforms (saw, square, and narrow pulse). All of these voices, plus your clean signal, can be stacked to create huge, harmonically-rich sounds.

This small run features machine-engraved graphics, hand-painted in black and orange on sanded aluminum. No two will look exactly the same.

Please note! The Subterranea exhibits a quirk due to its analog circuitry: the synth voices bleed through a tiny bit even when their volume knobs are turned down all the way. This quirk is just the nature of this circuit. With the filter turned on, this is eliminated. If you want to get a super-deep dubby octaver sound without any harmonics and without the filter sweeping around, keep the filter on, but click the envelope follower off with the Env stomp switch and you’ve got it.

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Measures 5.7″ x 5″ (14.5cm x 12.7cm).
Runs on industry-standard 9 volt DC center-negative power supply. 150mA current draw.
Relay-based true bypass.
All jacks are located at the top of the pedal to save pedalboard space.
Learn more about the construction of IE pedals here.