Frequency shifter delay

Arcing Prisms combines a frequency shifter and a comb filter/delay line, locked together in a spiraling feedback loop of warped modulation.


The frequency shifter is placed inside the feedback loop of a delay line, so that every time the sound is repeated, it gets shifted again. With subtle shift amounts and short delay times, this feedback accentuates the phaser-like filtering and cancellation of various frequencies, accessing an unexplored realm of sounds with elements of phasing, flanging, filtering, and vibrato all at the same time. With larger shift amounts and longer delay times, this feedback creates otherworldly gamelan-like arpeggios with timbres that shift with each repeat, or evolving synthetic textures.


The large hexagon mode gives access to the full range of delay times (up to around one second) and frequency shifting, perfect for far-out sound design. The small triangle mode limits the delay line to very short times and the shifting to only a small range around 0, making it easy to dial in more mellow modulation tones.

Expression control can be routed to delay time, frequency shift amount, or feedback, with an expression attenuator built in to dial in the perfect range of control. Using an expression pedal with Arcing Prisms opens up many unique and musical avenues of articulation.

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Shift: The amount of frequency shifting up or down.

Delay: The length of the delay line, from a few milliseconds up to around one second. Turn all the way down to bypass the delay line.

Feedback: The amount of signal added from the delay output back to the frequency shifter input.

Clean: The volume of the clean signal. 

Effect Vol: The volume of the frequency shifted and delayed signal.

Exp: The amount of expression control that's added to the parameter selected by the expression assign toggle switch. If no expression pedal is connected, this knob can be used to extend the frequency shifting range even higher by setting the Expression toggle to Shift. In normal usage, set Exp to 0 when not using an expression pedal.

Range switch: Sets the range of the Shift and Delay knobs. Large hexagon mode is the full range; small triangle mode limits the maximum delay and frequency shift range to make it easy to dial in flangey/phasey/vibrato modulation sounds.

Expression switch: Routes the expression pedal control to Delay time, frequency Shift amount, or Feedback amount.


Low-noise, low-distortion active components chosen for excellent audio fidelity.

Measures 4.7″ x 2.5″ (12cm x 6.3cm). 

Runs on industry-standard 9 volt DC center-negative power supply. 85mA current draw.

Relay-based true bypass.

All jacks are located at the top of the pedal to save pedalboard space.

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