Update 6/24/14

Hi everybody! The QF2 Copper and Gold are currently in stock and ready to ship.

The other pedals are all out of stock, but for good reasons. ¬†Instead of building pedals to order for you, I’ll be taking a different approach from now on, building things in advance and putting them up with individual photos or batch photos on [third-party website to be determined]. Custom colors or designs to your specs will therefore not be offered, but there will no longer be a wait of a month or more, and more exciting, I’ll be making things that were not previously available, including:

  • Strange things
  • Mysterious things
  • Iron Ether favorites with special new features
  • Stylish visual designs and finishes
  • New pedals
  • Eurorack modules

Please let me know what you think.


Taylor Livingston

Iron Ether