Dubterrograph is a dual pedal, combining the Dubterranea pitch-tracking multi-octave oscillator with the Xerograph Deluxe 4-pole resonant lowpass filter, to form a full subtractive synthesizer you play with your bass or guitar (or saxophone, voice, etc…). Click here to see and hear what they can do together, in the very capable hands of bassist Janek Gwizdala.

Dubterrograph has all the sounds and features of the two individual pedals, which were designed specifically to be paired with each other, together in a convenient package. 

Each side has its own separate true bypass switching and input and output jacks, allowing you to place other pedals between them, and use either pedal on its own. The output of the Dubterranea is normalled to the input of the Xerograph Deluxe using switching jacks, simplifying your cabling when running one straight into the other. The stomp switches on the Xerograph Deluxe side have been flipped to place both Bypass switches next to each other, making it easy to turn them on and off together or separately.

Each Dubterrograph has a matte black face plate with gold-plated copper lettering.

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Low-noise, low-distortion active components chosen for excellent audio fidelity.
Measures 5.7″ x 5″ (14.5cm x 12.7cm). 
Runs on industry-standard 9 volt DC center-negative power supply. 180mA current draw.
Relay-based true bypass.
All jacks are located at the top of the pedal to save pedalboard space.
Learn more about the construction of IE pedals here.