QF2 Multiband Distortion

NEW and IMPROVED - see (*) below:
Analog Multiband Distortion ($275)

The QF2 is a unique distortion pedal, which splits the signal into four frequency bands, then sends each band through its own separate distortion unit.  The frequency centers of all four filters can be swept proportionally over a range of 3 octaves. This complex parallel processing creates entirely new sounds, and allows for playing complex chords with a smoother, cleaner sustaining sound with minimum harshness and increased clarity.

The QF2 is based on the original “Quadrafuzz” rack-mount effect invented by Craig Anderton in 1985.  Taking this concept several steps further, the QF2 has been redesigned from the ground up,  adding more resonance control on each channel, a frequency control that sweeps all four filters simultaneously for unique vocal-like qualities, and expression pedal control over this frequency knob for real-time expression.

The pedal can create sounds from gritty low-gain overdrive with enhanced clarity; singing, sustaining smoothness even with complex chords; grindy, growly distortion; massive crunchy fuzz with definition; analog octave-up; and unique synth and fuzz-wah sounds.

The standard QF2 Copper includes a Dry control to blend the clean signal with the dirt.

(*) The new QF2 Copper is individually etched, anodized, and finished by hand. The result is a warm, variegated rustic finish that is truly unique. No two will look the same.

The QF2 is also available with the Dry control replaced with a treble boost/cut tone control.  This version is only available in the original silkscreened and powder coated enclosure. Please inquire for availability.

Iron Ether QF2 Features:

Band knobs: Separate mix level controls for each of four distorted frequency channels.
Low band covers fundamental frequencies of lower notes on the instrument.
Low Mid and High Mid bands cover higher notes and harmonics of lower notes.
High Band covers higher harmonics.

Resonance (Q) switches: Boosts and sharpens each frequency band, intensifying the effects of the filters. (*) The new QF2 resonance values have been increased for more versatility and a wider range of unique sounds.

BP/HP switch: Changes High frequency band from a bandpass filter to a highpass filter, to let through the brighter harmonics.

Frequency knob: This control allows all four channels to be shifted simultaneously over a pitch range of three octaves.

Drive knob: Controls the gain going into the effect and therefore the amount of distortion.

Boost switches: Boost footswitch further increases front-end drive. The gain is increased by a factor of either 3 times or 10 times, depending on the Boost toggle switch.

Dry knob: Wet/dry mix control. Adds clean (dry) signal along with the filtered, distorted channels (wet). Highly desired by bass, keyboards, drums, etc.

Tone knob (QF2 Gold only): Overall tone shaping, from treble cut to mild boost. Adds or takes off the sharp upper “edge” for guitar and other instruments. Special order only.

Volume knob: Sets the output volume level. Used to match the effect level to the bypassed signal level.

Expression jack: Externally control the frequency knob for wah-type effects. Accepts a ¼” stereo to dual mono (“Y” or “insert effect” cable), and a standard passive volume pedal, or standard expression pedals – Moog EP-3 recommended.

Relay-based true bypass.

Power jack: Runs on industry-standard 9 volt DC center negative power supply. 75mA current draw.

Size: Measures 5.7″ x 4.7″ (14.5cm x 12cm).

Audio, power and expression jacks on the top/rear of the pedal to save pedalboard space.

Block diagram of the QF2:

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