Things are beginning to return to normal as far as shipping goes, but I’m still seeing shipping delays to certain countries. If you order from outside the US, please be prepared for the possibility that it could take 2 or even 3 months for your package to arrive. It isn’t happening most of the time, but it is still happening. During that time, the tracking may not update for long periods, as your package is likely sitting in your country’s customs office awaiting clearance. I have no power to move your package through more quickly, or to get any information beyond what the tracking tells us.


If this is not acceptable to you, please wait until next year to order.


I have added the option for UPS shipping for international shipments. It should in most cases be faster than USPS Priority, so I recommend choosing UPS unless you have a PO box or you have a reason to prefer your local postal service.


Thanks for your patience in this time!


Taylor Livingston